Health Charter on Prevention against COVID-19

Safety is the responsibility of all

Health Charter on Prevention against COVID-19

Due to the exceptional context, our establishment ensures to comply with the « Safe (or Serene) Stay » Charter in terms of prevention against Covid-19. We want to allow you to spend memorable moments while ensuring optimal hygiene and safety for all.

In this context, we undertake to:
  • Comply with the French Directives and Recommendations relevant to the fight against Covid-19
  • Appoint a Health Referent responsible for documenting and providing the protocols which guaranty the utmost health security
  • Ensure respect of the protective measures and recommendations by all
  • Reinforce the sanitization of the whole establishment:
    • By adapting our organization and cleaning plans
    • By using and providing the recommended sanitizing products
  • Adapt the fitting out of our accommodation and its methods of use to the health context
  • Encourage the electronic transmission of our communications, payments and invoices
Safety is the responsibility of all:
  • We will still greet you even if everyone has to respect social distancing
  • You will enjoy moments of conviviality but without sneezing on your neighbors, rather in your elbow
  • You are going to unlock yourself, get some fresh air, but if you feel any symptoms, please let us know
  • And finally remember your childhood: « Did you wash your hands? »

Your well-being remains our priJrity !

            On 22/04/2020                                                                                      Jean-Marc Favard

                                                                                                                                  Owner of Coins du monde

Charter elaborated by a network of guesthouses and gîtes owners
in line with the recommendations of international and national institutions